Which wrap or sling for summer days?

Which wrap or sling  for summer days?
Which wrap or sling for summer days? 

Sun shines, weather is perfect. All you really want to do now is go for a walk or leave the city and start exploring! 
We are active; we want to see as much as we can, so a baby wrap seems to be a perfect alternative to a pram. You can use it while walking along the beach, reach a peak in  Mountains or visit numerous museums without any constraints.

Which wrap to choose for hot days?
Is it possible to babywear in temperature exceeding 20
°C or when heat wave appears?
How not to overheat the baby? 

Every year many parents ask the same question. Here are some tips: 
Thickness and composition of a wrap
Little Frog woven wraps are available in different weight and composition. All of them are breathable. Made only of natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, bamboo or tencel. Of course, at the beginning, lighter wrap, of 190-240 gsm, is the best option. 
For summer we recommend wraps with additive of linen, bamboo, or lyocell or 100% cotton. Bamboo and tencel are smooth and provide the breathing effect. Linen is the most breathable one; however, because of its stiffness and roughness in wrapping we don’t recommend it for those of you who begin their adventure with baby wearing.
100% cotton?? Sure! It is the most universal and will do great also in the summer.

Type of tie?
In fact, this is the most important aspect in warm and hot days. The less fabric on us and our baby, the lighter and more breathable. Using a long woven wrap we can tie it belly-to-belly, on the side, or on the back. FWCC, Double X, Kangaroo, hip-tie, simple backpack, or even more complicated ties. 
However, from the very beginning, for hot days we really recommend the kangaroo tie. This tie will work great with a new-born baby as well as a bigger baby. It is only one layer of fabric so you will definitely feel the difference. 

Please remember that a wrap constitutes an additional layer of fabric. So, if it is hot all the baby needs is a body or even a nappy. Also remember to protect your baby’s head against the sun. A cap, scarf, or a little hat with a large rim and we’re ready for a walk.  

It's time to begin the Spring-Summer season!
Happy babywearing!


Little Frog Baby Sling - Tencel Daisy Agat size 6

Little Frog Baby Sling - Tencel Daisy Agat size 6

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