About us

Little Frog is a 100% Polish brand of high quality baby wraps, designed and created by Marzena and Patryk -  the proud parents of two daughters, Nela and Pola. 


The beginnings


Marzena is a big fan of baby wraps. She first came across baby wraps while pregnant with her youngest daughter, Pola. Intrigued by the topic, Marzena expanded her knowledge via the internet, exploring wrapping styles, weaves and the benefits of baby wearing. Convinced, she purchased her first wrap and the adventure began. 


After practicing on teddy bears, Marzena wrapped little Pola within seven days from birth to discover a feeling too good for words. The closeness, comfort and connection between mother and child was absolutely beautiful. Marzena wondered what could possibly be better for her baby than being nestled so closely to her mother? When positioned in the wrap - little Pola looked like a tiny, helpless frog. This view inspired by the way name of the further brand.


Patryk, aka "baby-wrapping daddy", carried Pola from two weeks old and was instantly hooked. Accompanied by a wrap during tours and other trips, he found the wrap not only ideal for traveling, but it also proved to be an indispensable tool in the evenings when putting baby to sleep.





Marzena collected wraps, trialling and comparing all types and styles she could find. Taking it a step further, she completed a baby wearing course at Die Trageschule Dresden. In sharing her knowledge and experiences with other mothers she realised how useful it would be to have a place where every mother could find the perfect wrap for them. Soon, Zielona Mama (Green Mum) was launched, featuring Little Frog wraps. The first stationary store opened in lower Silesia area shortly after, with baby wraps, carriers, and other valuable accessories for eco-parents and their families.



Final result


Little Frog wraps are the result of these experiences, but also the inspiration derived from other parents. Designed for new parents and even the youngest of babies, Little Frog wraps are soft and lightweight, yet durable, ensuring the utmost comfort for parents and babies alike. 

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Opiniones confiables IdoShell
Very easy to shop online and fast delivery. I am very satisfied with the purchase.
El proceso de compra muy ágil y la entrega rápida. El producto me ha gustado mucho. Como usuaria de porteo, encuentro la mochila muy cómoda e intuitiva para su uso. Mi hija de 13 meses va muy cómoda con ella y yo también.