Choosing size of baby sling

size of baby sling

How to choose the right size of baby sling?

Before embarking on the babywearing journey, parents often wonder: how do I choose the right size of woven wrap or ring sling? Selecting the correct length is crucial for both comfort and safety.

Little Frog baby slings come in various lengths from size 2 (2.6 meters / 8.5 feet) to size 9 (6.2 meters / 20.3 feet). The most popular sizes are:

The length you need depends on the type of tying you plan to use and the size of the wearer. Different tying methods require different lengths of wraps – some need less fabric, while others are more "fabric-intensive."

Little Frog ring slings are available in three sizes:

  • S (1.7 meters / 5.6 feet)
  • M (2.0 meters / 6.6 feet)
  • L (2.3 meters / 7.5 feet)

Size M is the most universal. If you are petite and not tall, choose size S. If you wear size XL or larger, we recommend the ring sling in size L. The size and stature of the person carrying the baby are key factors in this decision.

What to consider when choosing the size of a woven wrap?

1. Type of Tying:

  • For Newborns: Two basic sling ties are suitable for newborns: the Kangaroo Carry and the Front Wrap Carry (FWC).
    • Kangaroo Carry requires a shorter wrap (size 4-5, 3.6-4.2 meters / 11.8-13.8 feet).
    • Front Wrap Carry (FWC) needs a longer wrap (size 5-7, 4.2-5.2 meters / 13.8-17 feet).
  • For Sitting Babies: For children who can sit up on their own, the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is recommended, which also requires a longer wrap (size 6-7, 4.6-5.2 meters / 15.1-17 feet).

2. Wearer's Stature:

  • Taller and Larger Individuals: Require a longer wrap to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Shorter and Petite Individuals: Can opt for shorter wraps.

When looking at the sizing table, it's clear that there are differences in the lengths recommended for women and men. It's best to choose according to the person who will carry the baby more often. Alternatively, you can buy a longer wrap that can be used by everyone. Often, one longer wrap, such as size 6 (4.6 meters / 15.1 feet), chosen for a woman, will also accommodate a well-built man for certain ties, like the Kangaroo Carry.

Chart of baby sling sizes.

Size of baby sling

Tips for a Smooth Start:

  • Practice: If you're new to babywearing, start with simpler ties and gradually try more complex ones.
  • Seek Guidance: Consult a babywearing advisor or join local babywearing groups for support and advice.
  • Comfort: Ensure the wrap is comfortable for both you and your baby. Proper fit is crucial for both comfort and safety.

Choosing the right baby sling will make carrying your baby comfortable and enjoyable. Find your perfect size and enjoy the closeness with your little one!


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