Ergonomic baby carriers

Ergonomic baby carriers 

What is the best ergonomic baby carrier for your baby?  At the beginning of their babywearing journey, parents who are looking for a way to carry their baby safely, come across names such as ergonomic carriers, baby carriers, hybrid carriers, adjustable carriers or buckle carriers. They wonder which one will enable them to carry their baby comfortably, which one will provide an ergonomic position, and which carrier for a newborn baby will be the best?
And we understand that choosing a baby carrier , when there are so many models available on the market, is not easy. 
Here you will find a short guide to help you choose the best baby carrier for your little one. 


A selection of Little Frog baby carriers

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Newborn baby carrier - Prime

Prime baby carrier is perfect for carrying infants as well as older children. You can carry your child in it from birth (min weight is 3,5kg) to about 3 years old (or 20 kg). Thanks to the adjustable width and height of the panel, this baby carrier grows with your child and will last a long time. It adapts perfectly to the baby, wraps around the child's neck/head, and the large adjustment of the waist belt and shoulder straps allows the carrier to also fit the parents (despite the size differences). The approved buckles on the straps facilitate quick attachment and removal and easy adjustment.
It is also possible to carry a non-sitting child in it, thanks to the additional pins. This carrier ensures safe carrying of children.

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Half buckle carrier - Cross Hybrid

Cross-hybrid carrier is a combination of a baby sling and an ergonomic baby carrier. It is ideal as a carrier for a newborn and smallest ones. 
The waist belt fastens with a buckle and the shoulder straps tie around the parent like a baby sling. It can be used to carry a baby from birth to about 3 years old. It has an adjustable height and width panel so that it can be adjusted for toddlers and older children. Works well as a baby carrier.

Toddler Baby Carrier - Swift Toddler

Baby Carrier for Toddlers - Swift Toddler

The Swift Toddler baby carrier is a carrier for larger children from about 1 year (about 80cm tall) to about 3 years old.
When designing the Toddler carrier, we focused on making it fast and easy to use, while maintaining the most important functionality and comfort. 
The width of the panel is fixed at 41 cm. The height of the panel of the carrier is adjustable (the range is 31-43 cm), for adjustment there are drawstring straps on both sides of the panel.

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Preschooler carrier

Preschooler carrier is a carrier for special tasks, for bigger children from about 2 to 6 years. With this one,  you can carry your child longer than just until their 2nd or 3rd birthday. Useful for holidays or hiking. Comfortable and safe carrying position for child and parent.
It has an adjustable height and width panel to suit the size of the preschooler and provides an ergonomic position for the child.
A great alternative to a hiking carrier.


Each of the above are compact baby carriers that you can take anywhere with you, as they take up little space and are lightweight when folded. All ergonomic carriers are hand made in our sewing room in Wrocław (Poland) so you can be sure that it is a high quality product. All products are certified and have a manufacturer's 24 months guarantee.

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