Ring Slings

Ring sling - simplicity of use

Ring slings are easy to use, which makes them accessible to every parent. Simply place the fabric of the sling between the rings according to the instructions and tighten.  When folded, they take up little space, so they are easy to carry and store, which is important, especially when travelling.

From what age can a baby be carrier in a ring sling? What age is good for carrying in ring sling?

In general, a baby ring sling is no different from a typical baby sling /woven wrap. Only the tying method matters. A newborn in a ring sling should ideally be placed in the tummy-to-tummy position, while a larger baby can be placed in the hip position.

What length of ring sling to choose? What size of ring sling is good for me?

Little Frog ring slings are available in three sizes: S (1.7m), M (2.0m) and L (2.3m), of which size M is the most versatile. The shortest ring sling in size S  is recommended for people wearing cloths in size 32-26, while the long L sling, for people above size 46.

When it comes to the type of fabric, ring sling 100% cotton is the most versatile. Fabrics with linen, tencil or bamboo are also available. The linen ring sling is an ideal choice for summer, as is tencel or bamboo. We only use natural material, woven in a friendly weaving mill. 

Each Little Frog ring sling comes with a printed instruction / manual. In it, we show you how to position the baby being carried and tighten the sling. Our baby slings are sewn in Poland, because the highest quality is important to us. We hope you will be able to choose the best ring sling for your baby.

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