Table of sizes

Little Frog wraps are available in multiple lengths. Choose what length suits your needs. 


When choosing, please take into account: 

    a) the type of tie you wish to use 

There are several ties. You can carry your baby multiple ways in the front, as well as on your side and back. The longer the wrap, the more options you have.  


         b)the size of the baby wearer (height and build) 

It's always best to fit the length of the wrap for the person who will most often carry the baby. Others will be able to use the wrap one way or another. 


Check the table provided below for guidance and suggestions.

Note: Little Frog wraps come 5% longer due to the fact they shrink slightly after the first washing.



F - female
M - male
- for size up to

3.6 m + kangaroo + F ≤ 40 = wrap length 3.6 m is suitable for kangaroo binding for women up to size 40






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