What baby sling to choose for summer time - tips and recommendations

What baby sling to choose for summer time - tips and recommendations

What baby wrap to choose during warm and hot days?

The sun is shining outside, and the temperatures are rising. It's the perfect time to go for a walk or take a trip out of town! We want to stay active and see as much as possible, so a baby wrap seems like an ideal alternative to a stroller. You can stroll along the beach, hike a mountain trail, or explore museums without any restrictions.

Choosing baby sling carrier for summer days?

Many parents wonder which baby wrap to choose for hot and humid days to avoid overheating their baby and ensure comfort. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Sling thickness and fabric

Woven wraps, such as those from Little Frog, come in various weights and materials. All of them are breathable and made from natural fibers like cotton, linen, bamboo, or tencel. For summer, the best baby slings are thinner, with a weight of 190-240g/m2. We especially recommend wraps with a blend of linen, bamboo, lyocell, or 100% cotton. Bamboo and tencel baby slings are smooth and provide a cooling effect, while linen is the most breathable. However, due to its structure linen is not recommended for beginners. 100% cotton is the most versatile and also suitable for summer.

Type of Carrying

The type of carrying method is crucial during warm, hot days. The less fabric on you and your baby, the lighter and more breathable it will be. With a long woven wrap, you can carry your baby in various ways: front carry, hip carry, or back carry. For hot days, we recommend the kangaroo carry. It is a one-layer wrap, making it significantly cooler and more comfortable for both you and your baby.


Remember that a wrap is an additional layer of fabric. Therefore, if it's very hot, a bodysuit or even just a diaper is enough for your baby. Don't forget to protect your baby's head from the sun with a hat, scarf, or a wide-brimmed cap.

Additional Tips for Choosing a Summer Baby Wrap

Here are some additional tips to consider when choosing a baby wrap for warm days:

  • Avoid dark colors: Dark colors absorb more heat, so it's better to choose light, pastel colors that reflect the sun's rays.
  • Take regular breaks: Remember to take regular breaks and remove your baby from the wrap to cool down and get some fresh air.
  • Stay hydrated: Both you and your baby need to stay well-hydrated, especially on hot days.

Start Your Summer Adventures!

Enjoy babywearing outdoors!

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