How to choose right size of baby sling?
Before starting a babywearing adventure, parents ask themselves: how to choose the size of woven wrap or ring sling. How do I choose the length of the baby sling?
Little Frog woven wraps come in various lengths from size 2 (2.6m) to size 9 (6.2m). The most popular sizes are 4 (3,6m), 5 (4,2m) and 6 (4,6m)
Little Frog ring slings come in three lengths: S (1.7m), M(2m) and L (2.3m)
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Why babywearing?
Why babywearing? Close your eyes and imagine an unborn baby in their mother’s womb. What kind of conditions are they? What do they see, hear, or feel? The baby experiences their mother almost entirely by touch. Their skin evolves first, as the oldest and the most primary sensory organ. As the mother moves around, the baby moves gently with her: when she stands on her tiptoes, runs to the tram, walks, dances and even when she sleeps, the baby gently bounces to the rhythm of their mother’s breath. The space in the womb is limited, it’s warm, the sounds are muddy, and a regular heartbeat and hum of the working organism can be heard. All of the baby’s needs are immediately satisfied thanks to the incredible connection with the placenta. We also know that mother’s emotions can impact her growing baby’s development which makes this complicated yet exquisite symbiosis even more fascinating.
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How to begin your babywearing journey?
You've decided to venture into the world of babywearing and ordered your first wrap. The parcel has just arrived. But instead of being excited about all the benefits to come with using the wrap you find yourselves completely overwhelmed with doubts about how to get started.  YOu will find here some interesting and useful advices.
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