What baby sling to choose for summer time - tips and recommendations
The sun is shining outside, and the temperatures are rising. It's the perfect time to go for a walk or take a trip out of town! We want to stay active and see as much as possible, so a baby wrap seems like an ideal alternative to a stroller. You can stroll along the beach, hike a mountain trail, or explore museums without any restrictions.
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Ring Sling: the comfortable and functional choice for active parents

In today's busy world, where mobility is becoming a key element of family life, parents are looking for practical and convenient solutions to make their daily routines easier. One such indispensable accessory a ring sling for carrying baby. It is an ergonomic and multifunctional tool that is becoming an indispensable companion for active parents wishing to maintain close contact with their child while retaining freedom of movement.

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Babywearing in winter time
Is it right use baby sling or babty carrier during cooler days? Is it safe to carry in a baby sling then? How to dress a baby to wear in a sling in winter? What are the babywearing covers used for? Here you will find answers to your questions.
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Everything you need to know about baby slings
A baby sling is not only a practical solution, but also a way to bond with your little one. In this guide, you will learn all about baby slings, from their types to choosing the best sling to practical tying tips. Whether you are a new parent or experienced in baby slinging, this article will provide you with valuable information and tips and help you decide which baby sling to buy.
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What is the best baby carrier?

What is the best ergonomic baby carrier for your baby?  At the beginning of their babywearing journey, parents who are looking for a way to carry their baby safely, come across names such as ergonomic carriers, baby carriers, hybrid carriers, adjustable carriers or buckle carriers. They wonder which one will enable them to carry their baby comfortably, which one will provide an ergonomic position, and which carrier for a newborn baby will be the best?

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How to choose right size of baby sling?
Before starting a babywearing adventure, parents ask themselves: how to choose the size of woven wrap or ring sling. How do I choose the length of the baby sling?
Little Frog woven wraps come in various lengths from size 2 (2.6m) to size 9 (6.2m). The most popular sizes are 4 (3,6m), 5 (4,2m) and 6 (4,6m)
Little Frog ring slings come in three lengths: S (1.7m), M(2m) and L (2.3m)
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