Everything you need to know about baby slings

Everything you need to know about baby slings


Everything you need to know about baby slings


A baby sling is not only a practical solution, but also a way to bond with your little one. In this guide, you will learn all about baby slings, from their types to choosing the best sling to practical tying tips. Whether you are a new parent or experienced in baby slinging, this article will provide you with valuable information and tips and help you decide which baby sling to buy.


What is babywearing and why should you carry your baby in a sling?

Babywearing is the practice of carrying a baby in a woven wrap or ring sling, which allows the baby to be held close to the parent's body. It is a good idea to carry your baby in a sling as it has many benefits for both parent and baby.

Babywearing: definition and benefits

Babywearing is based on the use of a long woven wrap that is properly tied around the parent's body, allowing the baby to be carried safely and comfortably. The benefits of baby wrapping include::

    • Strengthening the emotional bond between parent and child
    • Reducing stress and crying of the child
    • Improving the parent's posture and balance 
    • Enabling daily activities with free hands


What is the correct position for a baby in a baby sling?

The position of the baby in the babywearing sling is crucial for the baby's comfort and safety. The correct position of the baby includes:

    • Placing the baby in a tummy-to-tummy position, at breast level - 'kiss the baby's forehead',
    • Supporting the baby's neck in babies not holding their head independently,
    • Positioning the baby's feet in the "frog" position and maintaining the natural curvature of the baby's spine - the so-called M position,
    • Minimises the risk of hip dysplasia or back problems,
    • Gives freedom of movement and frees the wearer's hands.

Baby wrap carrier and child development: 

The baby sling has a positive impact on the child's development, both physically and emotionally. Wearing your baby in a baby sling:

    • Stimulates muscle development and motor coordination,
    • Supports the development of the nervous system and senses,
    • Facilitates the baby's adaptation to the environment outside the womb,
    • Supports the development of an emotional bond with the parent,
    • Reduces the risk of postnatal depression in the mother.

It is therefore worth opting for babywearing in order to support your baby's proper development and enjoy closeness and bonding with your little one.

Why is this important? See here.


Types of baby wrap carriers / Types of baby slings:  

There are different types of baby slings and toddler slings on the market, which differ in material, construction and the way they are used.

Tied wrap carriers: from newborn to toddler

 Baby wrap carriers are dedicated to the youngest children, starting with newborns. When choosing a baby sling, it is worth paying attention to several aspects:

    • Sling fabric - should be soft, natural (cotton or other yarns of natural origin) breathable and elastic when pulled,,
    • Sling weaves- the most popular ones are broken-twill, herringbone, jacquard and heart-weave. . 
    • Thickness of fabric - thinner slings are ideal for babies, for toddler it's worth considering a thicker sling that can handle the weight better. A sling with a medium thickness (230-260g) is ideal, which is good for both the toddler and the older child. Here you will find suggestions for such slings in size 6 
    • Tying of the sling - for newborns, tying that provides adequate support for the head and neck is recommended. Each Little Frog sling comes with printed manual presenting basic tying.
    • Safety - the sling should be durable and have the appropriate safety and quality approvals, such as OEKO TEX 100.

As your baby grows, you can adjust the way you tie the sling and choose a different model that better meets the needs of an toddler.

Woven baby slings - woven wraps and ring slings

Tied baby slings - these are long woven slings, they are usually between 3.6m (size 4)  and 5.2m long (size 7), have a parallelogram shape, and are the most comfortable and versatile. The advantages of a tied sling are:

    • they give you freedom of movement - you have 2 hands free and the baby is close to you,,
    • it is the ideal way to carry a baby as well as an older child,
    • you can tie it in many ways,
    • comfort for you - the baby's weight is distributed evenly over your shoulders and hip, so you don't feel the strain on your spine.

Tied baby slings are a comfortable way to carry small babies and toddlers for up to several hours while you stay on the move. They are ideal for long walks, hikes and also for everyday use at home when your little one is feeling worse or sleeping and wants to be close to you.

Ring sling baby carrier: comfort and convenience of wearing

Ring slings are characterised by their simplicity and comfort. Ring sling consists of two rings through which the fabric of the sling is threaded, creating adjustable loops on the parent's shoulders. What distinguishes a ring sling?

    • Quick and easy to put on,

Ring slings are particularly recommended for parents who appreciate the convenience and speed of putting on a sling, as well as for those who want to carry their baby on their hip. However, we recommend it for shorter outings, as only one shoulder of the wearer is loaded in a ring sling.

How to choose the perfect baby sling? Which baby sling is best to buy?

Choosing the best baby sling  can be difficult, especially for first-time parents. It is worth paying attention to a few key aspects, such as the size of the sling, the material, the colour and pattern, and the recommendations of experts. 

Baby Sling size: how to get the right fit for you and your baby?

The size of the baby sling carrier is crucial for the baby's comfort and safety. To get the right sling fit for you, it is important to consider: 

    • The parent's height and physique - the sling should be long enough to allow free tying,
    • The age and weight of the baby - the sling should be strong and stable enough to support the baby's weight
    • Preferred tying method - some tyings require a longer sling, others a shorter one 
    • here is a baby sling chart which will show you how to choose the right size of baby sling

If you are not sure what to choose, it is a good idea to consult an expert (for example a certified babywearing advisor), or write to us.  

Baby Sling fabric: cotton, linen, blended - Which fabric of baby sling is the best for me?

There are many types of baby slings available on the market. What is the best sling for carrying a baby?

    • Cotton baby slings - they are breathable, durable, versatile and easy to care for, and are ideal as a first baby sling.
    • Pure Linen slings - we all know the advantages of linen, 100% linen slings are the most breathable and hypoallergenic, but it is worth remembering that the structure of linen is specific and is no longer as elastic as cotton.
    • Blended baby slings - these are a great option, as they have admixtures of bamboo or tencel in addition to cotton, for example, which are great for hot days. 

The choice of sling material depends on individual preference and the age and weight of the baby. It is worth testing different materials to find the best solution for you and your baby.

Praktyczne porady dotyczące chust do noszenia dzieci

Tying the baby sling: basic techniques and tips

Tying the sling is a key part of wearing a baby in a sling. There are many types of tying that can be adapted to the age of the baby, the carrying position and the individual preferences of the parent. Here are some basic sling tying tips:

    • Learn some basic things, such as Front Cross Carry, Kangaroo or "Koala" tie - You will find these tyings in the instructions included with the Little Frog slings.
    • If you feel insecure, practise tying on a teddy bear or pillow, with the help of another person, before carrying your baby.
    • Make sure that the sling is properly stretched and tied in a double knot, for safe and comfortable carrying of the baby.
    • Check the condition of the sling regularly.

Tying the baby sling may take some practice at first, but over time it will become easy and intuitive.
Each sling comes with a manual, which explains step-by-step how to safely carry a small baby in a sling. We recommend using it. In addition, there are many instructional videos on the internet, made by experienced babywearing advisors.

It is also possible to book an appointment with an expert - such as a certified babywearing consultant. They come to your home and during the meeting shows you how to tie the sling correctly and what to pay attention to when wearing the baby. Just check it in internet browser. 


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